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Are you insight-driven?

MRS will analyse anonymised responses to identify industry trends and improve the benchmarking capability of this app.

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Are you insight-driven?

About this site

About this app

Insight driven organisations exhibit a number of characteristics that help them focus on their customers and deliver against commercial objectives.

This self-assessment questionniare will help you identify where your organisation sits within the insight framework. A sophisticated benchmarking facility is dependent on data - we are collecting and anonymising responses to build a benchmark database and upgrade this app.

The insight framework was based on feedback from the insight community across several sectors. Particular thanks to Lisa Hazelden and agency and client workshop attendees.

Best-in-class frameworks are available at the end of the questionnaire.

Report and findings

The MRS Delphi Group has published a report 'Towards an insight driven organisation' which looks at the results of over 100 client side responses to this questionnaire. You can download the report here.